May 06, 2021


Expunctions Of Records/ Nondisclosures

Do you have something that shows up on your record? Can the general public google you and see an arrest that was dismissed? You need an expunction!

An expunction in Texas is a great thing if you qualify. Once granted, Texas law even allows you to deny the incident ever even occurred. The records get destroyed and deleted. Many of our clients are able to get their arrest and case expunged after we successfully have their case dismissed or they are acquitted at trial. Call today to have us review your record and see if you qualify.

If you don't qualify for an expunction, you may still be eligible for a Nondisclosure. If you successfully complete a period of deferred adjudication and meet other criteria, you may be eligible for this process. A nondisclosure is not as good as an expunction, the records will still exist, but they will be sealed from disclosure to the general public and only certain Government agencies will be able to access them.