October 28, 2021

Theft / Shoplifting

The category of Theft in Texas encompasses a broad range of cases. Two of the most common are shoplifting and theft by check...


Even a simple shoplifting case can have a permanent effect on your life. The level of offense in a shoplifting case is governed by the amount you are accused of taking. It ranges from a Class C level misdemeanor (ticket level) up to felony. No matter what the level, in Texas theft is considered a crime of moral turpitude and having it on your record can affect your ability to get certain jobs, employment licenses and military status to name a few. At our office, we know the ways to fight your case. Even when you believe you are guilty of the offense, it is still critical to have an aggressive attorney in your corner to advocate for you and minimize the permanent effect on your record.

Theft by Check

These cases occur when simply put, you bounce a check. If you give an individual a check and it is returned from your bank with insufficient funds you can be charged with this offense. Many times you are not even aware that the check is turned into the District Attorney's office until you are arrested. Sometimes you don't even know what check they are arresting you for because it was so long ago you might not even know it ever was returned. Here at our office, no matter what the basic facts are, we fight to keep these cases off your record. If this is your first arrest, our goal is to be able to get your case expunged off of your record so that even the arrest no longer will show in the system.