December 08, 2021

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Carolyn has a proven track record of getting the best possible results for her clients.
Below are some details of actual outcomes.

Theft 20-500 Check

State of Texas v. J.C.

In this case the state alleged my client had intentionally written a bad check. Case DISMISSED on trial date


DWI w/.15 or higher test

State of Texas v. J.S.

This was an arrest which included a Coban police video and a blood test result. The police video showed that the officers had not performed their duties properly. The State was also unable to use the blood test results for a number of reasons. We prepared for trial with full review of the case and motions filed. Case DISMISSED on 7th trial setting


Assault Bodily Injury-Married

State of Texas v. C.G.

This involved an alleged assault between a same sex couple where the complainant continued to harass my client throughout the pendency of the case. Case DISMISSED on second trial setting because the State was not prepared to proceed.


Possession of Marijuana

State of Texas v. M.C.

This case involved a traffic stop for a DWI. Upon review of the video, the officers who stopped my client determined she was DWI, however, were going to release her until she told them that she had marijuana in her vehicle. The video showed some clearly biased treatment by the officers and neglect of their duties. Motions were filed and it was necessary to prepare for trial. case DISMISSED on Second Trial setting.


Unlawful Carrying of a Weapon by a Concealed Weapon License Holder

State of Texas v. J.A.

In this case, my client had been called out to help a friend in an accident. While helping the friend he irritated the police officer who then claimed that my client had a gun in plain sight on his car seat. According to my client, it was in a bag under his car seat. Although my client lawfully held a license to carry a concealed handgun, it is illegal for the weapon to be in plain sight. Since the officer claimed it was, the client was arrested. He lost his license to carry while the case was pending. The case finally DISMISSED after 5 trial settings and then on the day of trial.


Felony DWI-3rd or more with a .15 legal blood draw and a .14 medical blood draw

State of Texas v. B.G.

This was a case involving a car accident where the client voluntarily allowed blood to be taken and tested and the hospital also drew his blood. The client chose to fight his case with a trial. Both test results were suppressed prior to picking a jury. It took two times to pick a fair and impartial jury. After testimony began the state realized it could not make the elements of the case and dismissed the case after the officer's partial testimony. Dismissed on the fourth day of trial.